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Safety comes first for us. Here you can see and download all the product and system certifications that endorse us.

We want to position ourselves as the world-class standard for steel castings and forgings. For this, we provide customers with superior service, with sustained growth based on innovation.

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We value a plural and diverse environment in which employees take pride in their accomplishments.

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20 de September de 2023

Reinosa Forgings & Castings is working on new innovative techniques for more sustainable steel production

Reinosa Forgings & Castings is part of the consortium of a new research project to reduce the environmental impact of steelmaking. This is the international initiative […]
8 de June de 2023

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: replacement of the plant’s lighting with LEDs

In 2022, we have upgraded all the lighting in the Reinosa Forgings & Castings plant and replaced it with LED lights. This project was possible through […]
27 de March de 2023

Reinosa Forgings & Castings will test an innovative, recycled material in their casting process

In a new effort to reduce our environmental impact, we have joined the project CIRCOM. This project focuses on the application of innovative technologies, such as […]